There are many educational materials and programs offered through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The KCOEC is lucky enough to be home to several of these resources.

These Resources are available, on loan, to teachers for classroom use:

The Aquatic Illinois Trunk:

This trunk includes many items to help you teach about the biological, historical, chemical and other aspects of water. Books, posters, water sampling tools, CD-ROMs, videos, DVDs and activities are among the contents of this trunk. Suggested for Grades 5 – 9.

The Illinois Tree Trunk:

This trunk helps students learn about trees, forests, forestry, careers and the forestry industry. Books, posters, leaf samples, seeds, a leaf press, topographic map sets, CD-ROMs, videos, DVDs and other activities are among the contents of this trunk. Suggested for Pre-K to 10th Grade.

People and Animals from Illinois’ Past Trunk:

Prehistoric mammals, extirpated mammals, Native Americans and their relationship with nature are all topics you can teach by using the items in this resource trunk. Mammoth and Mastadon tooth replicas, animal species replicas, replica pottery, Native American Games, CD-ROMs, videos, DVDs and other activities are among the contents of this trunk. Suggested for Pre-K to 6th Grade.

The Field Trip Pack:

This includes many items to assist your early childhood students as they explore nature. Hands-on equipment will encourage self-initiated learning. Suggestions for teachers on how to incorporate natural-resources activities into your lessons are also included.

Invasive Species Trunk:

Invasive species cause tremendous ecological problems. With this resource trunk, you and your students can learn about why they are detrimental, how they arrived in Illinois and what actions can be taken to control them. Field guides, books, lessons, DVDs, specimens, replicas and other items are included. Targeted Grades: 7-12. Trunk contents are correlated to the Illinois Learning Standards, and the correlation to the Next Generation Science Standards will soon be available.

Illinois Amphibians and Reptiles Field Pack:

Amphibians and Reptiles are fascinating animals. This backpack contains magnifying glasses, field guides, binoculars, aluminum pans, dip nets, forceps, a headlamp, a portable device to play frog call recordings, observation containers, and many other hands-on items.  Suggestions to assist educators in using the items on a field trip with students are included.  Classroom teachers, homeschooling educators, youth group and Scouting leaders, day care center staff, and families are among the variety of people who can successfully use this resource.

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