Expect to be outside all day long.

  • All groups will experience outdoor activity during their time at the center.
  • Activities take place outdoors, rain or shine.
  • Activities are generally in the woods, on unpaved trails, along creeks.
  • Trails can be muddy at any time of the year.

Everything you wear may get very dirty, wet, or muddy.

  • Cotton clothing, such as sweatshirt, retains water and provides NO WARMTH when wet.
  • Wear a hat to shade from the sun in warmer months and to keep heat in during colder ones.
  • Dress in layers. You can always take something off if you are hot, but cannot add something you don’t have.
  • Gloves or mittens are a necessity in colder months.
  • A raincoat is always a good thing to bring, regardless of weather forecast.

No sandals or other open footwear, due to potential foot injury.

  • Most activity areas are rough and unpaved. Some trails are steep.
  • Gym shoes or hiking boots are appropriate in warmer months. These WILL GET DIRTY.
  • Waterproof boots or snow boots are required on rain days and in colder months.

KCOEC Staff needs to be notified of students requiring special attention, prior to arrival.

  • Consider that most days will involve a hike over uneven terrain. Wheelchairs or walkers will require prior planning between the KCOEC Staff and the Lead Teacher coming with students.
  • Inhalers for asthmatics.
  • EPI pens for those with severe allergies to bee stings.
  • Diabetics with specific needs.

Electronic devices and jewelry are to be left home or at school


Adult chaperones may have cell phones for emergency purposes, but must silence them during their stay at the center.