The KCOEC is always in need of additional resources to expand lessons, and continue providing outdoor experiences for the youth and adults that we serve. With limited budget, we are always looking for something.

Remember that donations are tax deductible, since we are an educational institution.

Here’s a list of items we are currently looking for:

  • Small digital projector to hook up to computer in classroom. If it has a ceiling mount, even better.
  • 2 Apple iPads, with camera, for research and plant identification in the field.
  • Old Crayons to use with our 3rd Grade Pioneer Candle Making. Students take their finished candles home!
  • Slabs of candle wax. Again, for making candles.
  • Old 35mm film canisters for sensory lessons.
  • Paper towels, Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer
  • Plastic storage totes of any size. (We try to weather and critter-proof everything)
  • Printer/Copy paper of any color.
  • General office supplies. (pencils, sharpies, pens, post-it notes, paperclips, note cards)
  • Linoleum floor tile (182 square feet) and someone to help install
  • Illinois Animals taxidermy, pelts, and parts for use with lessons on Illinois animals

We are also looking for help/consulting with carpentry, electrical, drywall, roofing, and a seamstress/tailor (for help with living history lessons)

Things we are not looking for:

  • Though we would love to have live animals, we do not have the space or ability to care for them.